A wild new way to wellbeing


Welcome to the Unity Social, your zero-proof zen sanctuary.  A place for healthy hedonists to come together and celebrate wildly and mindfully.  Whether it's yoga moves or dance moves, we're here to start a movement. 


This unique and innovative bar is everything you never knew you needed.  A grown-up playground; a music hall; and

a wellness centre all rolled into one immaculately designed space. At the Unity Social we gather with one common interest, to help each other heal, have fun and feel good!  And together, we are paving a new path to inner-peace one party at a time. 

 free|spirit: a person who thinks and acts in an uninhibited way
without worrying about normal social rules

cultivating connections


The Unity Social was divinely inspired in 2019 with a mission to build a conscious community, in a healthy and dynamic environment that contributes to a more harmonious, compassionate and peaceful society.  

We exist in relation to others, and the essence of the Unity Social is connection.  As humans we are hard-wired to have meaningful relationships, and socializing is a vital aspect to enhancing our wellbeing.  Our events are crafted with that in mind: to be comfortably laid-back, unassumingly therapeutic, and a safe space to be your most uninhibited and authentic self, without the need (or side effects) of alcohol.   

We see you doing all that inner-healing, and we know how dark and heavy it can get.  The Unity Social is here to help you shake up that shadow work by moving and soothing your nervous system with us.  

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Coffee Shop With Plants



 Our team is dedicated to creating uplifting and inspiring events that are rooted in health, wellness, and creativity, with a naturally intoxicating energy that will give you a booze-free buzz.


From sound baths to dance offs, there is something for every one and every mood. Whether you need an afternoon escape of breath work and meditation or a night out to enjoy delicious AF drinks and old school music, we got you covered!


Our calendar offers set events throughout the week that include healing ceremonies and dance parties. Plus regularly added special events with guest speakers, live music, poetry slams, date nights, and so much more!


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